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About us

Our story

The HBS Sustainability Club was formed in 2019, and is the home base for Harvard Business School students passionate about the role of business in the transition to a sustainable economy. 

We have grown quickly to nearly 180 student and partner members. We now support our members to explore the complexities of global sustainability, gain exposure to emerging business solutions, and pursue professional opportunities in green business.

Our mission

Business has the potential to be a crucial catalyst for the global transition to a sustainable economy. We believe that there is incredible potential in business models that address key areas in this space.

We believe that sustainability should be an important issue for all MBA students, and we aim to provide programming for every level of interest.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare all students to become better stewards of both the natural and built environment in the 21st century. 

Our Executive Team

Megan Murday.jpg

Megan Murday

Co-President, Co-Founder

Megan is a second year student at HBS and co-founder of Sustainability Club.  She is currently building a software startup, Metric, that helps teams measure and improve their environmental and social performance. Megan is a former strategy and analytics consultant at Deloitte and an alumna of Georgetown University. 

Lauren Buchanan2.jpg

Lauren Buchanan

Programming Chair

Lauren is a member of the class of 2021. Before HBS, she worked in environmental impact investing at Encourage Capital  and as a consultant at Bain & Company. Lauren spent the summer working as a Fellow for the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Finance team. She is passionate about climate finance and supply chain sustainability. Lauren grew up in Santa Fe, NM and received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Spanish at Dartmouth College.

Lukas Lukoschek.jpg

Lukas Lukoschek

Chief Financial Officer

Lukas is member of the MBA class of 2021. Before his MBA, Lukas co-founded the solar mini-grid company MeshPower. Lukas has experience commercializing technology, building operational teams, raising venture funding, and working with emerging market governments. Lukas holds a Master in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

Nikki Yurkoski.jpg

Nikki Yurkoski

VP Natural Environment

Nikki is a current EC from former Section H. Before HBS, she worked as a Consultant at Bain & Company in Texas, in the public sector in New York City (focused on sustainability and economic development), and for a renewable energy startup based in Nairobi. In the future, she is planning to focus her career on sustainable agriculture and protecting the natural environment

Copy of Greg Gomez.jpeg

Gregorio Gomez

VP Built Environment

Gregorio is a student in the MBA class of 2021. Prior to HBS, he worked at Goldman Sachs in both the Principal, Infrastructure, and Project Finance team as well as the Latin America investment banking team. During his graduate education, Gregorio has interned at Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners where he focused on advanced logistics, electric vehicles, and distributed energy resources. Gregorio deferred the fall 2020 semester to work at Modern.Energy and separately is researching microgrid projects in Colombia. Gregorio graduated from Harvard College with a BA in Environmental Science and Engineering.

Lily Carpenter-Israel.jpg

Lily Carpenter-Israel

Careers Officer

Lily is a member of the MBA class of 2022. Prior to HBS, she worked in strategy consulting then in hospitality at Marriott International where she lead growth and channel optimization initiatives. Her love of travel and the outdoors drives her to work toward a more sustainable economy. At HBS is enjoying learning more about how sustainable choices can drive economic value for businesses. Lily is from Washington D.C. and has a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

Fiona Liao.JPG

Fiona Liao

Academics Officer

Fiona is a member of the MBA Class of 2022. Prior to HBS, she worked as Field Director at GiveDirectly, a global poverty alleviation nonprofit, leading the launch of the Liberia program. She is passionate about evidence-driven social impact, in particular, the complex relationship between international development and climate change. Fiona is from Taiwan, grew up in several continents, and holds a BA in political science from Columbia University. 

Jessica Chamoun.JPG

Jessica Chamoun

Natural Environment Officer

Jessica is a member of the MBA Class of 2022. Prior to HBS, she worked as a natural gas system design engineer for PSE&G, New Jersey’s largest electric and gas utility. She is passionate about growing businesses that deliver sustainable products and decarbonize industry through clean technology solutions. Jessica is from New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a concentration in Energy Systems.

Roxanne Tully.jpg

Roxanne Tully

Co-President, Co-Founder

Roxanne is a member of the MBA class of 2021 and excited to be building a community at HBS that is committed to driving sustainability initiatives both on campus and beyond. Prior to HBS, Roxanne spent four years with BioLite, developing innovative consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the world. Before Biolite, Roxanne worked as an R&D engineer for The Clorox Company, where she developed sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of brands. She is passionate about technology-forward businesses that are leading the global transition to more efficient and sustainable energy generation, distribution, and consumption.

Ella Thompson

Ella Thompson

Chief Marketing Officer

Ella is a member of the MBA class of 2021. Before HBS, she worked as a Consultant at Bain & Company in Australia and then Sweden. She is passionate about initiatives that support the critical role that business can play in the transition to a sustainable economy and in repairing existing ecological damage. Ella grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and holds an LLB in law and a BSc in physics from the University of Otago.

Mike Tally.jpg

Mike Tally

Conference Chair

Mike is a member of the Class of 2021. Prior to business school, Mike spent 8 years as an Artillery Officer in the US Army. This past summer he interned at Madison Energy Investments and worked on solar and energy storage projects in the C&I space.

Casey McGinley.jpg

Casey McGinley

VP Corporate Environment

Zack Jacobson2.jpg

Zack Jacobson

Co-President, Co-Founder

Zack is a member of the MBA Class of 2021. Prior to HBS he spent several years in consulting and several in private equity. At HBS he spent his summer working for an AgTech startup prior to deferring his second year to spend twelve months working within Thermo Fisher’s Pharma Service Group in response to the pandemic. After completing his MBA, he plans to pursue a career in the broader sustainability space. Zack is an avid mountaineer with interest in the cross-section of agriculture, food, and biology. Zack holds a BA in history with a second major in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis.


Erin Livesey-Becks

Careers Chair

Erin is a member of the MBA class of 2021. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies at Dartmouth, where she found her passion for sustainable food production. Between then and HBS, she worked as an Engagement Manager at Applied Predictive technologies in New York and San Francisco.  After graduation, she’s excited to pursue a career in agtech development wherever in the world it may take her.

Maria Evsegneeva.jpg

Maria Evsegneeva

Partner Chair

Maria is a partner of the MBA class of 2021 member. Before relocating to Boston she worked as a Diplomat at the Embassy of Russia in Mexico. Her major interests are zero-waste, sustainable fashion, and cleantech. Maria grew up in Moscow and has a Master’s degree in Political Science.

Alec Forbes.jpg

Alec Forbes

VP Built Environment

Alec is a member of the MBA class of 2022. He grew up in Portland, OR and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and is passionate about sustainable energy, transportation, and infrastructure. In the summer of 2020, Alec interned at Rivian, helping to commercialize the next generation of electric vehicles and decarbonize transportation. In his free time, he tries to spend as much time in nature as possible, hiking, camping, and exploring!

Emily Golan.jpg

Emily Golan

Community Officer

Emily is a member of the MBA class of 2022. Prior to HBS, Emily worked as an innovation manager and food scientist at RXBAR and Kraft Heinz in Chicago. She is passionate about building a more sustainable food supply chain and improving global food security in the future. Emily grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and holds a Bachelors of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Emily Brinkman.JPG

Emily Brinkman

Communications Officer

Emily is a member of the MBA class of 2022.  Before coming to HBS, she worked in manufacturing at General Electric, specifically in their Power division, across North America. She is excited about supply chain sustainability and investing in sustainable businesses. Emily grew up in Minnesota and has a BS in Industrial Engineering and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Aditya Desai.tiff

Aditya Desai

Careers Officer

Aditya is a member of the MBA class of 2022. Prior to HBS, Aditya spent four years at Tesla in different engineering roles, from manufacturing to vehicle design. He is driven by the urgency with which we need to fight climate change and aspires to work with mission driven organizations to make a difference in this space. Aditya was born in India but grew up in the California Bay Area, including receiving his B.S. in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley. In his free time, Aditya loves to listen to history or politics podcasts, follow the stock market, travel, play guitar, and follow his favorite football team (Go Broncos!).

Ryan Brush.jpg

Ryan Brush

Conference Officer

Ryan is a member of the MBA class of 2022. Prior to HBS, Ryan worked as a product manager at Amazon in Seattle, specifically within the US supply chain. He is passionate about cleantech with interests in renewables, energy storage, and circular economy. Ryan is an avid hiker and fly fisherman. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS in Biological Engineering with a minor in college football disappointment.

Mathilda Ayeni.jpg

Mathilda Ayeni

SSA Liaison

Aruna Ramkrishnan.jpeg

Aruna Ramkrishnan

Partner Officer

Aruna is an HBS Partner ('22). She is a research scientist in the Energy sector working on long-term emissions reduction technologies. She holds Ph.D and B.Tech degrees from the University of Minnesota and Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. She is passionate about combating climate change and is particularly interested in scalable solutions that lie at the intersection of technology with business and policy to enable sustainability.

Mike Kelly.jpg

Mike Kelly

Built Environment Officer

Mike Kelly is a member of the MBA Class of 2022. Prior to HBS, he worked for five years in engineering, product strategy, and program management at Ford, where his work spanned both automotive and the future of mobility. He is passionate about the intersection of sustainability and urbanization – especially mobility, infrastructure, and food. He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Notre Dame.

Clark O'Bannon.jpg

Clark O'Bannon

Corporate Environment Officer

Clark is a member of the MBA Class of 2022. Clark started his career working seven years at Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), one of the leading providers of environmental offsets in the United States. Clark is an avid outdoorsman with interests in ecological restoration, conservation, environmental markets and sustainable finance. Post-HBS, he plans to continue his career at the intersection of business and the environment. Clark holds a BSc in environmental science and a BA in economics from the University of Virginia and will remain a die-hard Wahoo fan for life.  

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